Explore Washington

Washington State sits in the far northwest corner of the contiguous 48 United States, with the Pacific Ocean to its west, Canada to its north, and Idaho and Oregon on its east and south. It is a state of contrasts — from sea level at the ocean to 14,411′ at the top of Mt. Rainier, from rain forests with over 100″ of rain a year to deserts, with glaciers and forests and lakes and rivers in between.

I love the outdoors and think Washington State is the perfect place to experience the outdoors. As I explore Washington and the surrounding areas I will take you on my travels.

My viewpoint will be much from the outdoors – traveling by car, motorcycle, bicycle, on foot and maybe even by boat – whatever mode best suits the location (and me). And wherever I go, I will bring back photos.

Location Note

Many pages will give locations as a highway milepost, for instance State Highway 2, Milepost 70.4. Most of the highways only have mileposts at each mile, so, for this example, you would find the location four tenths of a mile beyond milepost 70.

Header Photo

The photo in the header was taken from Slate Peak, above Harts Pass.
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