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I've lived in Edmonds since 2003. Before that, I lived in Bellevue for a number of years. A friend moved to Edmonds in 2000 and, when I came to visit, I was always impressed with the friendly, small-town feel of Edmonds. I "fell into" a fixer-upper that needed a lot of work, and thought it would be a good deal. I figured it would take me about five years to get it done. Of course, I should have known better! I got the major repairs done so that it is structurally sound, but it has a long way to go... I'm a native Washingtonian. I have lived in western Washington since 1978. I grew up in eastern Washington (Colville), then went to college and worked in Spokane for a while. I have a B.S. in Physics and Math. I went straight from college into the computer field. I have worked for American Sign & Indicator Corporation (in Spokane), Digital Equipment Corporation, and Washington State Ferries, and am now retire (at least part-time ). I have owned my own businesses and have done consulting and contract work. This site is mostly about Edmonds. However, I have a wide range of interests, including photography, reading, hiking, cross-country skiing, bicycling. Some friends say I have too many interests! Because of all of my varied interests, I never seem to have time to complete everything I want to. But, I am never bored. I will add pages about some of my interests as I have time and find things I think may be "of interest" to you. Gary

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360° Panoramas!

I’ve been playing with 360° photography for several months. For me, this is a fun new way of doing photography.

The simplified explanation of the process is to shoot enough images to capture all directions, then stitch these images together (I’m using a program called PTGui) into a special format. To create the image below, I shot from a drone at 200′, in RAW to capture the wide range of brightness from shadows to sun reflections, then processed the images in Lightroom, sent these processed images to PTGui to generate the panorama, cleaned up the sky a bit in Photoshop (there’s a hole where the drone is – the camera can’t shoot straight up), then generated the final image using PTGui.

To see all of the panoramas I have published, check out my Panorama Page at When on that page, click the “TOURS” button to see the images I have published.
Some images have been shot with my camera on a tripod, while others have been shot from a drone. I’m still experimenting and learning.

The image below is a snapshot from a panorama that was shot from a drone at 200′ above the beach just north of Brackett’s Landing. I can’t display a 360° panorama directly in this blog, so you will need to click on the image to open it in a 360° Panorama viewer. For fun, open this from a tablet, like an iPad, and be more immersed in the experience! 🙂

360° Panorama of the Edmonds, WA, Waterfront from 200'
360° Panorama of the Edmonds, WA, Waterfront from 200′

Fall Colors in Tumwater Canyon

In October I drove to Tumwater Canyon, which lies between Stevens Pass and Leavenworth, to get some photos of the fall colors. If you haven’t been there when the colors are “on”, you really must do it. The reds come on early (see “Fall Colors on Stevens Pass” in the Photos page), followed a couple weeks later by the yellows and oranges.

The photo above was one of the ones I captured that day. It is of Tumwater Dam, just a few miles from Leavenworth. This photo has been added to the Photos page.

Rebuilding this website

This site is being rebuilt using WordPress.

After many years using Sitesell for this website, it is time to rebuild it to reduce costs. You will notice some things will change as I experiment to get everything the way I want it.

I have rebuilt all content from the old website, although there may be a few differences. Hopefully, I didn’t leave anything out!